A wearable piece of art ingeniously designed

Jewellery is the perfect synonym for glamour, beauty, stunning and shimmering. Any outfit on a lady seems incomplete if she isn’t wearing jewellery. Fashion jewellery is one of the fastest growing categories in the retail world.

At pinkpoints.in, we believe, the finest of jewels need not come with the heftiest of price tags. But only when designed by exceptional artists and crafted by master craftsmen from around the world. Pinkpoints is all about affordable luxury, exclusive, standout pieces starring in a sumptuous and smooth shopping experience. Pinkpoints.in is registered under CHIN Fashions Pvt. Ltd.

We sell each piece of jewellery with the assurance of quality and durability. We know the demands on every woman’s time - we create our pieces with utmost care so that you don’t need to spend hours caring for it. A Pinkpoints jewel is like your best friend, your best buddy,someone who knows just what to do or say to bring that special glow on your face, make you feel fabulous inside and look great outside. Someone you can take for granted.

In the last few years, we have made sustained efforts to understand the customer; set up a robust back end supported by technology with an edge and finely detailed curating. This shows in our repertoire of over 13,000 designs on our site, which gets refreshed with almost new 1,000 designs every week. We are now all set to come closer to you, with retail stores where you can touch and feel every piece of jewellery before buying them.

With a highly competent management team consisting of top business school, fashion and technology institute alumnus and e-retail company veterans, we aim to create a great lifestyle experience for our esteemed customers. We hope you enjoy shopping on our site but in case we ever disappoint you, please feel free to reach out to us at pinkpoints.in